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We can get it if we really want!

Back in the day … when I was working full time with campaigns, this was the song that kept me going … from polling place to headquarters and back again. In those days, our campaigns were more symbolic – we knew we wouldn’t win but we kept going, working to add new voices to the political scene in our city.

Now, as we approach the ’06 midterms, we have a chance to win some, maybe win a lot – and our voices are being heard all over the map. So this post is a celebration – a pause in the work to say “WooHoo!” to all the firepups who are showing up and getting the work done at campaign offices and phonebanks, proving that netroots don’t just read about politics, we do!

Today I got an email from the folks at the DNC and they would like to celebrate the work that you are doing – the door-knocking, phone banking, lit dropping everyday work of bringing change in this year’s election.

And as the press sec. for FDL, I’d like to celebrate your work too – as we talk to the media, I’d love to have your stories to share with reporters around the country.

So along with taking a minute to cheer the efforts of everyone here, I’d like you to ask you to send us a link to your favorite photos of your GOTV work – you can post it here or send it over to media dot firedoglake at gmail dot com – or you can send it directly to Tracy and the great web team at the DNC at demsinthefield at dnc dot org.

And if you don’t have any pics yet, grab that camera the next time you’re heading out to hit the streets and help us to create a record of all the amazing field work done by FDL readers this year.

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