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Page: Foley patted male page's behind on House floor

Folks, that’s not IMs or emails. That’s damn nasty and brazen if perv Foley thought touching ANYONE on the posterior in a work environment is acceptable, let alone a teenage page who is not in a position of power to challenge. (The Michigan Daily):

A former House page said he witnessed inappropriate contact between former Republican Congressman Mark Foley and another page in the back of the House floor in early 2001.

The page, Richard Nguyen, a first-year student at the University’s Gerald Ford School of Public Policy, said he saw Foley pat a male page’s behind.

Foley’s attorney did not return calls for comment.

Nguyen said he was not sure during which month the incident took place. He was a page between January and June of 2001. Nguyen did not report the incident to authorities. At the time, the then-16-year-old thought it was “questionable activity,” but he was unsure how to interpret it.

“I wasn’t sure if it was a social norm I wasn’t accustomed to,” Nguyen said. “I mean, you see athletes patting each other’s asses all the time on the field.”

…Nguyen said many of the pages in his class were suspicious of Foley.

We always saw that Mr. Foley was very friendly to male pages,” he said. “There were signs, for an observer like myself, but I never knew what I know now.”

And Nguyen can’t possibly be the only page — or member of Congress or staffers — who knew that Foley was cruising teens on the taxpayers’ dime — and on the House floor.

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