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Desperately unhinged with a melting tin foil hat

When Holly sent me this link earlier today, I thought it was to the last screed by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy In Media, Homosexual Blackmail on Capitol Hill, which I blogged about here.

In that piece, he tossed out the conspiracy theory that there is a gay cabal that has infiltrated the GOP to advance The Homosexual Agenda, and it is “working behind-the-scenes to sabotage a conservative pro-family agenda in the Congress.” He folded the neatest tin foil hat we’ve seen in a long time.

With Cliff’s latest column Republican Gays are Closeted Dems, I think the radioactivity has penetrated the tin foil asshat, and his brain is completely baked. As he continues developing his theory that somehow, our fight for rights was being helped along by the professionally closeted, anti-gay staffers and congressmen, he takes it further with statements like these:

The mystery man at the center of the scandal, Jeff Trandahl, is supposed to be a “lifelong Republican” who is gay. But Trandahl, who supervised the congressional page program as House clerk and knew about the controversial Foley emails many years ago, has a strange way of showing his Republicanism.

Trandahl is so much of a Republican that he joined the board of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, another gay political action committee that commits most of its funds to electing Democrats. Its latest list of “winning candidates” is all Democrats, except for Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, who admits not voting for President Bush in 2004.

If you are getting the idea that gay Republicans may be closeted Democrats, then you are beginning to understand how the Mark Foley scandal could have been a Democratic Party dirty trick.

…Only now are House Republican leaders like Dennis Hastert beginning to understand the trap they may have gotten themselves into. They thought they were being tolerant and diverse and constructing a “big tent” when they were giving gay Republicans important positions of power. It is now apparent that this power has been used to sabotage the party from within.

…It seems appropriate to note that one of the few Republicans financially supported by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the pro-Democratic group to which Trandahl made his contributions in 2000, was Rep. Jim Kolbe. Was the first “openly gay” Republican member of Congress a closeted Democrat as well? It’s certainly the case that he started acting more like a Democrat once his secret life was exposed. He has, for example, become a prominent advocate of gays in the military and has denounced the proposed federal amendment protecting traditional marriage.

Ah, now we’re getting to the heart of it gay=Democrat. Therefore, Log Cabinettes cannot possibly be Republicans.

Folks, Cliff has just declared the GOP a homo-free zone. I can’t wait for the next LCR press release on this.


Dapper Don Wildmon of the American Family Association is equally incensed, calling for a gay purge in the GOP, in a great piece by Max Blumenthal in The Nation. He is in full foaming-at-the-mouth mode:

Wildmon is convinced that a secretive gay “clique” boring within the Republican-controlled Congress is responsible for covering up Foley’s sexual predation toward teenage male House pages. Moreover, Wildmon calls on the Republican Party leadership to promptly purge the “subversive” gay staffers.

They oughtta fire every one of ’em,” Wildmon told me in his trademark Mississippi drawl. “I don’t care if they’re heterosexual or homosexual or whatever they are. If you’ve got that going on, that subverts the will of the people; that subverts the voters. That is subversive activity. There should be no organization among staffers in Washington of that nature, and if they find out that they’re there and they’re a member, they oughtta be dismissed el pronto.”

Wildmon claimed that an investigation by Congressional Republican leaders into the gay menace lurking in their midst will clear House Speaker Dennis Hastert of allegations that he repeatedly ignored warnings about Foley’s behavior. “I think the identification of the members of the homosexual clique is going to come out,” Wildmon declared. “I think it’s going to come out whether or not Hastert knew what he says, and at this point I’m inclined to believe he’s telling the truth. I’m beginning to think that the homosexuals shielded their former Congressman Foley and that Denny Hastert did not know the depth of what’s going on up there.”

Meanwhile, Daddy Dobson sounds like he’s distancing himself from the AFA honcho’s call for blood. He’s at least conscious of how unhinged his colleagues appear to the public at large. He says something interesting here:

“She [the reporter] said, ‘I heard late yesterday that Dr. Dobson had asked House leadership to fire all gay staffers,'” Dobson recalled in a voice brimming with indignation. “That’s crazy too. That, first of all, would be flat-out illegal. You can’t fire people just because somebody says so, and they’re certainly not going to do it because James Dobson says so. That’s crazy! They’re trying to make us look like extremists and people who do ridiculous things, and there’s absolutely no basis in this.”

With Wildmon brandishing The List and demanding a gay purge, which in Dobson’s words would be a “crazy,” “flat-out illegal,” “ridiculous thing,” the chaos and panic among the House leadership has spread to the Christian right. As Election Day draws nearer, the movement’s most influential leaders are markedly off-message, contradicting one another, and on the defensive.

Hold the phone, Daddy D. Is he saying that he agrees with the 1998 Clinton executive order allowing the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to interpret the law to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in regards to federal workers? Because of Focus on the Anus’s fine and dandy influence and bigotry, I would think he’d like the ability to fire homos at will, which private employers can still do.

Oh, the irony — Daddy D’s fearless leader, the Chimperor, back in 2005, had his stooge Scott J. Bloch, head of the Office of Special Counsel, try to ignore that executive order. Bloch claimed that it didn’t apply:

“The courts have specifically rejected sexual orientation as a class protection.”

If a federal manager fires, reassigns or takes some other action against an employee simply because that employee is gay, there is nothing in federal law that would permit the Office of Special Counsel to protect the worker, Bloch testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs subcommittee on oversight of government management, the federal workforce and the District of Columbia.

…When Levin asked if Bloch would recommend that Congress clarify the law so that protections for federal employees extend to sexual orientation, Bloch declined to take a position.

Bloch, who took the oath of office from Clarence Thomas in February 2004, later landed his ass in hot water in October of last year for failing to investigate claims of discri
mination based on sexual orientation.

Bloch has been under fire for more than a year. The Office Of The Special Counsel is the agency that investigates complaints of discrimination by federal workers, but, Bloch has refused to take on complaints of discrimination based on sexuality.

…Bloch’s stonewalling complaints of discrimination by LGBT federal workers dates to February 2004 when he ordered references to sexual orientation removed from the Office of the Special Counsel website.

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