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You can't make this up

In Hour of Need, Hastert Turns to — Nut-Job Evangelist? (TPM Muckraker):

You’re trying to save your own skin, much less the skins of your loyal staff, while multiple investigations are digging into your side about who knew what, when, and what they did or didn’t do about it.

So you decide to take a meeting with a globe-hopping, PR-happy evangelist who (if accounts can be believed) faked his own leper colony?

After the 30-minute meeting between Hastert and Indian-by-way-of-Houston Christian evangelist K.A. Paul today, Hastert had no comment for the press. Paul, however, was downright chatty.

“I am humbled with his humility and simplicity,” Paul told the Associated Press.

Some of the charges leveled against this evangelist are so bizarre and outrageous that you wonder why on earth Denny Hastert would want to be anywhere near this guy; Paul has been accused of:

– claiming another minister’s leper colony as his own, and videotaping said lepers for a promotional video
– transporting children in an airplane one former crew member called a “flying death trap”
– interfering with a murder investigation in India, earning the wrath of that country’s National Council of Churches

Talk about needing a PR makeover.


After this blew up, Denny claimed he was scammed, lolololol.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, with his job on the line because of the spiraling Mark Foley cyberspace page sex scandal, was duped Tuesday into letting a stranger into his Plano home — a serious security breach.

…Hastert was led to believe he was meeting with a supporter. He was surprised to find out otherwise, the Sun-Times has learned. Paul said he asked Hastert to resign. He also said he prayed with the speaker and “laid hands” on him after a 40-minute meeting.

I’m trying not to visualize anything related to “laying hands” and the Speaker.

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