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Look At Harry Reid! Or…Don’t Mind Our Sex Predator


Not a lot that the wingnuts won't do to distract from their child sex scandal.  As Kos says , this time the crosshairs line up on Harry Reid:

The AP's John Solomon, the go-to guy at the Associated Press for any anti-Democratic efforts, and this piece is absolute crap. The crux of the claim:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

Actually, he did own that land. It just so happened that three years ago, he transfered the property from his own personal name to that of an LLC.

It'd be kind of like me selling Daily Kos, and someone claiming I reaped a windfall from it because I "sold it three years ago". I didn't. Daily Kos became an LLC. As did Reid's piece of land.

And btw, this was all disclosed to the ethics committee. The place were things got sloppy is that Reid continued to disclose ownership of the land as a personal asset rather than ownership in the LLC which owned the land. But that's it. Fact is, the LLC had no other assets other than this piece of land, and Reid disclosed ownership of the piece of land.

Solomon is either being dishonest or an idiot. But watch the wingers and GOP try to gain traction off this story to divert from their coddling of a sexual predator.

Solomon has been dispatched to this duty before. Others have been keeping score of his GOP subservience in the past, but as keeper of the Plame we always like to make mention of the fact that Solomon was personally selected to receive Karl Rove's emails regarding Matt Cooper (and continued to cover Rove's ass as time went on).   He's really got it in for Harry Reid, and lest anyone forget he was the one who raised the stink about the boxing tickets earlier this year.

This act is getting both a little old and a little transparent.    Joe Maguire gets fired from Reuters for writing an outside book that is anti Ann Coulter, but Solomon gets to wear his political allegience on his sleeve right in the pages of the AP?  At this point it's getting quite glaring. 

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