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How not to do it, perv

Barenaked Joe‘s post, Mark Foley: Worst Coming Out Story Ever, hits the mark (no pun intended). A snippet:

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Dear Mark Foley,

It really is a shame that as an out gay man you are spending your first National Coming Out Day today in “rehab” (wink, wink). But really, Mark, perhaps it’s best that you stay out of the limelight for now, because besides the fact that gays don’t want to claim you, your coming out story is a tragic tale.

…The ultimate point is you used the government page program that asks parents to entrust their kids’ well being in congress as your own personal farming operation to find underage guys you perceived to be gay, hot, or interested. Then you contacted them once they got home and hoped to hook up with them when the became “legal.” While it’s still a question whether you’ve done anything illegal, it’s pretty creepy, man, and certainly conduct unbecoming anyone who uses the word “The Honorable” in his title. (I mean I knew there were chickenhawks in congress, but still.)

Mark, THAT ISN’T HEALTHY SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. You must have been begging to get caught. That amount of hubris either comes from a feeling of absolute power or self-destruction. Were you crying out to be able to be out? Were you so desperate to not disrupt your Republican Lifestyle on the surface that you had to unconsciously risk everything in order to be who you really are?

Because uptight fundamentalists are bugged by actually acknowledging reality, they’ve manipulated their religion into an oppressive weapon. Along the way, Republicans like yourself sold out their conservative party to these fundamentalists and have risked turning America into a theocracy during one of our most trying times as a country. It must have been getting tough on you, Mark, to pick up that gay-bashing weapon to win votes. Was that weapon getting so heavy on your shoulders that you were willing to get caught in a scandal that will end up being the nails in the Coffin of Republican Congressional Rule? Wow! Talk about self-destructive behavior. You’ve brought the whole government down with you!

It was when you started to be called “disgraced” and “a pedophile” that you were willing to say, through your lawyer, that you are “a gay man.” Well, Mark, I guess it’s a start. It’s a horrible start following possibly the worst gay coming out story ever, but it’s a start.

Just go read it all.


A must-view — Wanda Sykes on Foley and his “alcohol made me do it” defense (via Left Behinds, thanks MXM!).


He’s giving alcohol a bad name. People are blaming their nasty habits on alcohol…leave alcohol out of this…I’ve been really, really, drunk…I haven’t gone and bought Girl Scout cookies…’Come here baby….’ (audience is roaring)…


A walk on the wild Foley side

Mike Tidmus on Foley, with a Lou Reed twist…

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Visit Mike’s pad for the reworked lyrics for “Take a walk on the wild side.”

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