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Fundie luminaries going to Boston for 'Liberty Sunday'

More marriage protection from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Councilwith help from the Romneys. The bible-beaters are gathering on October 15, bringing the hate agenda to Boston.

I am pleased to announce that Ann Romney, the First Lady of Massachusetts, will join us for Liberty Sunday, a nationwide FRC simulcast that will air from Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. She will introduce her husband, Gov. Mitt Romney, who will join by video to discuss the legal battles over marriage taking place in Massachusetts.

Governor Romney has seen the impact that these battles have had not only on marriage but also on parental rights, the well-being of children, and the free speech rights of citizens in his state. Liberty Sunday will broadcast to churches nationwide on Sky Angel satellite system, on Christian television and radio and via webcast at I invite you to log onto to find out how you can join us for a simulcast that will signal a warning to people of faith across the country about the threat the radical homosexual agenda poses to our first freedom – freedom of religion.

I went to the Liberty Sunday web site. The anti-gay event’s focus is much more explicitly spelled out in Tony’s “patriotic” mission statement, the Freedom Watch Project.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” So begins the Bill of Rights with the first amendment to our Constitution–one that guarantees a God-given freedom. For over 200 years the light of the church has illuminated this freedom, but now a radical agenda seeks to extinguish that flame. The expansion of non-discrimination laws to include homosexuality inevitably constricts our right to express and act on our religious beliefs.

FRC is tracking these occurrences as they occur throughout the country. We need your help as we compile stories from across the nation on how the homosexual agenda has threatened religious liberty. You can help us show America that government sponsorship of the homosexual agenda is a threat to the freedoms we value the most. .

Have you been forced to attend pro-homosexual “diversity” training at work? Have your children subjected to pro-homosexual rhetoric in school? If your religious liberties have been affected in these and other ways, we want to hear from you. Send us your stories. Then, join us as we address these issues at Liberty Sunday: Defending our First Freedom.

The usual suspects who will be bleating away with Perkins: Bishop Wellington Boone, Wellington Boone Ministries; “former homosexual” Alan Chambers of Exodus, Daddy Dobson, failed former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, Alan Sears, Alliance Defense Fund; Don Wildmon of the American Family Association; paid columnist for the Bush Admin Maggie Gallagher and unhinged William Donohue of The Catholic League.

Massachusetts fundies will be pleased as punch. Will MassResistance/Article 8 Alliance honcho Brian Camenker show up?

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