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Former staffer to testify drunken Foley cruised page dorm

On Thursday, this bit of sleaze will come out in committee. A page came forward with the tale of toasted predator Foley. Former House clerk (and gay man) Jeff Trandahl, who alerted Kirk Fordham (gay man and former chief of staff to Tom Reynolds), who then told Hastert chief of staff (and roommate) Scott Palmer. Hmmmm. (ABC):

ABC News has learned that one former staffer who worked for the GOP leadership will tell the House Ethics Committee Thursday about an incident several years ago in which he was alerted that an apparently inebriated Foley had tried to gain access to the pages’ dormitory.

A source with firsthand knowledge of events says that this coming Thursday, Kirk Fordham — former chief of staff to both Foley and more recently Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y. — will testify that a few years ago he was told by then-House clerk Jeff Trandahl that Foley had been stopped while trying to enter the pages’ dorm in an apparently intoxicated state. The source said Fordham will testify that he recalls this being the event that convinced both him and Trandahl to warn Hastert’s office, with Fordham designated to have the conversation with Hastert’s chief of staff, Scott Palmer. The source said that both aides had been watching Foley’s behavior with pages and that Fordham had counseled Foley to watch his behavior.

The source tells ABC News that Fordham will testify that he alerted Palmer that Foley had a pattern of displaying inappropriate behavior toward pages.

Palmer says Fordham is lying. Should be interesting.

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