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Elect fair-minded Ocean County NJ Freeholders

Remember the brave story of Laurel Hester, the late NJ police officer was told by the all-Republican Ocean County Freeholders that she cannot couldn’t leave her pension to her partner? She eventually won that right shortly before she died of cancer, but it left a lot of people wondering what kind of callous, heartless people were sitting on that Board.

The county’s five (conservative, “pro-family”) Republican freeholders who repeatedly denied Hester’s request: John C. Bartlett, John P. Kelly, James F. Lacey, Gerry P. Little, and Joseph H. Vicari. At the time, Kelly said that if Hester’s request was granted it would “violate the sanctity of marriage.”

Well it’s election time, and a reader, Chris Cooper, asked for me to remind folks to support fair-minded people who are running this year.

Ocean County Democrats need your help to break the Republican stranglehold on the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Ocean County democrats are fielding two excellent candidates for Freeholder: Tamar Sherer and Karleen Spano, and an extremely qualified candidate for County Sheriff, Vince Greene. Our Democratic volunteers are energized and working hard to elect these candidates and break the insidious, republican stranglehold in Ocean County…but we need your support.

You can learn more about our candidates and help fight the Ocean County republican machine by making an online contribution

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