Changing of the guard

Misty water-colored notions of the way we aren’t…

Dean Broder looks deep within his teacup of wisdom, reads the tea leaves and sees a change. A change in Congress:

The voters have been pointing a symbolic gun at the Republican regime in Washington for many months now. All that remains is for them to pull the trigger on Election Day.


What all this suggests is a settled judgment on the part of the majority of Americans that the current leadership of the nation is not doing the job that people expect. This is the government the people chose in 2004, but now they are showing clear signs of buyer’s remorse.

The disillusionment is not the product of the Foley scandal, which is shifting few votes, as far as I can judge. And it also reflects more than the continuing bad news from Iraq, though that has had a large effect on public opinion.

What is driving public opinion is an overall impression that those in office — meaning mainly Republicans — have let things slide out of control and need to be relieved.

So far, so good. Republicans doing a bad job… time for some new blood, a new direction…ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange, ch-ch-ch-changes–

Whoops. It looks like the New Improved Broder Democrats are part of that Unity Party that the Dean is always nattering about from his front porch rocker:

Fortunately, the voters have the power — if they pull the trigger on Election Day — to create a new plot for the Washington drama. This election campaign has been a learning experience for candidates of both parties, incumbents and challengers alike. They have been bombarded with messages from their constituents, telling them that the public is tired of the partisan bickering, tired of the gridlock and eager to elect people who will focus on the real problems and work together to find solutions.

If that lesson is reinforced by the election results, Washington will change. Congress will be run by people who talk with each other, across party lines. And even the White House may learn that it needs to end its isolation and engage more broadly at home and abroad if it is to salvage some substantial accomplishments from Bush’s final two years in office.

Wow. What an incredible misreading of the public mood. Democratic voters are energized to throw the bums out and put their own bums in. Independents are waking up to the fact that they were booga-boogaed into supporting a party that is deeply unserious about national security when it’s not too busy handing out fat checks to fundamentalists, Halliburton, and assorted other cronies before heading off for a night trolling for teens…and he thinks that the Democrats are coming to town to meet the Republicans halfway, as if the White House would even consider it?

Someone has been putting crack in the Dean’s Metamucilâ„¢.

The problem is that David Broder has been living in his Beltway cocoon for so long that he no longer has any idea beyond dinner party conventional wisdom what it is that people want or don’t want. He’s a permanent resident of Bobo’s world and he honestly believes that there are still people across this great country of ours who look to him for received wisdom because he… just… knows. He’s David Broder, dammit, and attention must be paid. But those listening people are just being kind and patient and nodding thoughtfully while making yadda yadda yadda noises in their heads. They know better. They’re soaking in it. Or as David Bowie once said:

…these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

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