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Ace on the NY small-plane crash:

Mark Foley = Gary Condit: I’m reminded of our summer slumber in the August of Chandra Levy while Al Qaeda plotted.

Not that this is likely a terrorist attack. But it does focus the mind on the fact that a terrorist attack is always possible.

It may be pilot error, it may be a vicious suicide attempt, it may be that category of Jihadi attack which the MSM and government don’t call terrorism — a crazed Muslim fanatic who individually decides to kill people. It’s probably the first one.

Could be the pilot just watched the aerobatic shows and thought he had some skills of his own.

Not to devolve into the trivial when people are dead and other trapped, awaiting rescue, but expect the 9/11 South Park episode to be cancelled, at least for a long while.

I question the timing.

This is just a suggestion, but sometimes when that little voice inside your head starts to free-associate, it’s best to, you know, just kind of keep it to yourself instead of indulging your Terrorist Tourette Syndrome. Unless, of course, you’re trying to keep someone from sitting next to you on the bus then, by all means, feel free to mutter and trill and bark away…

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