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* Michael Petrelis has a mind-blowing, must-read piece up, Time’s Gay Writer John Cloud Protected Foley’s Closet in ’03.

* The military has met its recruiting goals for the year — but only by lowering standards.

* Desperate times call for desperate measures: Katherine Harris touts the results of a straw poll of elementary school age children on her web site “Harris Beats Nelson — Leads 54% to 45%”. Chris of Facing South couldn’t believe it:

when one visits the Katherine Harris for Senate website, one finds a press release that suggests the Harris campaign places much more stock in the “results” of the “straw poll” that Rachel and her kindred grade-schoolers, having only recently mastered the alphabet, participated in.

* How low can he go? Ken Blackwell campaigns with a white supremacist. That boggles the mind.

* Hear Mike Rogers on The Ed Schultz Show (MP3). The blurb: “Mike Rogers of Blog Active dot com comes on the show to talk about his plan to out hypocrites in power“. H/t Nelson G.

* A forced birth propaganda tool used by Operation Rescue, the “Truth Truck” was seized, and its drivers arrested, in Oklahoma City after it was seen driving in front of a well-known abortion provider’s home. These inflammatory trucks are covered with billboard-sized, graphic, full-color images of aborted fetuses.

* LGBT groups are fighting wingers who are suing a school because the children’s book King and King (two men marry) was read in class, was “attempting to indoctrinate their children about an'”immoral lifestyle’.”

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