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GOP pundits: show's over

You have to check out the Washington Monthly’s cover story, Time for Us To Go, a collection of essays by well-known GOP pundits who have decided that the current clowns in the big tent need to get on the train and leave town.

Blogger and activist Michael Petrelis had this to say about the piece:

If the writers were willing to pen these sorts of columns prior to Foley resigning and touching off a Congressional crisis, I can just imagine, with absolute glee, what they’d write today.

I agree with Michael that the opening of the essay penned by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a former Congressman from Florida himself, sums up the mood.

When The Washington Monthly reached me at my office recently, a voice on the other side of the line meekly asked if I would ever consider writing an article supporting the radical proposition that Republicans should get their brains beaten in this fall.

“Count me in!” was my chipper response. I also seem to remember muttering something about preferring an assortment of Bourbon Street hookers running the Southern Baptist Convention to having this lot of Republicans controlling America’s checkbook for the next two years.

Conservative icon Richard Viguerie‘s contribution is not nearly as humorous, but is equally stabbing.

Conservatives are as angry as I have seen them in my nearly five decades in politics. Right now, I would guess that 40 percent of conservatives are ambivalent about the November election or want the Republicans to lose. But a Republican loss of one or both houses of Congress would turn power over to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Dare we risk such an outcome?

The answer is, we must take that chance. If Big Government Republicans behave so irresponsibly and betray the people who elected them, while we blindly, slavishly continue backing them, we establish that there is no price to pay for violating conservative principles. If we give in, we are forgetting the lesson that mothers teach their daughters: Why buy a cow when the milk is free?

And it may take a Republican defeat to bring about a complete change in the GOP leadership in Washington. Without such a change, real conservatives will never come to power.

He shoots off a warning to “liberals” that any win will result in a conservative “insurgency” — and he’s probably right, given how powerful some elements of the opposition party GOP became under Clinton.

Sometimes a loss for the Republican Party is a gain for conservatives. Often, a little taste of liberal Democrats in power is enough to remind the voters what they don’t like about liberal Democrats and to focus the minds of Republicans on the principles that really matter. That’s why the conservative movement has grown fastest during those periods when things seemed darkest, such as during the Carter administration and the first two years of the Clinton White House.

Conservatives are, by nature, insurgents, and it’s hard to maintain an insurgency when your friends, or people you thought were your friends, are in power.

The columns are definitely an interesting read. The timing, given the breathtaking incompetence, moral failings and corruption the GOP leadership have shown since the Foley scandal, even more strongly makes the case that the GOP deserves to lose at the ballot box.

H/t, Paul.

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