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Exodus' Alan Chambers lies on NPR — 'gays don't care about discrimination'

“One of the greatest myths…is that the majority of gay people are interested in…ordinances that would protect them from being discriminated against.”
— the Exodus International president, on NPR’s Fresh Air (10/9/2006). He presented no statistics to back this up.

Guess what? Daniel at Ex-Gay Watch (with assistance from Jason at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) found actual facts to debunk this crap.

Why, oh why are these “ex-gay-for-pay” propagandists and fundies allowed to spout off lies without having to back their statements up?

Scratch that. Alan was caught with his pants down on this one because he didn’t event bother citing any gibberish. The slicker ones are smarter than this, like Family Research Center’s Tony Perkins, who turns up time and again in the mainstream media, folding in “facts” based on junk science that the interviewer doesn’t question.

In any case, look at and listen to Alan Chambers as he pulls facts out of his ass for NPR’s Terry Gross — and the real statistics on whether gays and lesbians care about discrimination.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding