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This ad from Ned Lamont makes me smile.  And I thought you guys could use a grin or two this morning as well, so I'm sharing.  If you haven't seen it, yet, it's worth it just for the end.  Education is such an important issue — everything that I have read as a parent (and as someone who has worked on at-risk children's issue for years) says that early intervention for at-risk kids is essential for their development.  Preschool can make a huge difference for these kids — and not just because they get two full meals when they might otherwise go hungry, or because they get to spend time with other kids in a safe, non-violent place, but also because these kids get to see, from an early age, that learning can be fun.

According to the Hartford Courant, Ned's campaign will be releasing a new ad today that hits Joe Lieberman where it counts — right in the accountability.  Tom Swan is quoted in the article, and I think his words — and the rest of the article — are so spot on that I wanted to share a snippet with you:

This year, Lamont has criticized Lieberman for missing hundreds of votes, many taken while he was running for president and vice president.

"I think this shows that Joe is a typical politician, and he will say or do anything to stay in Washington," said Tom Swan, manager of the Lamont campaign.

Lieberman is running as a petitioning candidate after losing the Democratic nomination to Lamont in a primary that focused on the war in Iraq.

Lamont, 52, is a successful cable television entrepreneur seeking statewide office for the first time. Lieberman, 64, has held state or federal office for all but two of the past 36 years….

Time for a change and then some. Can't wait to see the new ad — David Sirota (via e-mail) tells me that it will be released this afternoon.  Expect a lot of bluster from perennial fact free nag Dan Gerstein, but it's tough for Lieberman to argue that it is nasty, mean, vituperative, negative campaigning when the Lamont campaign is using Joe's own ads — his own words in his own campaigns coming out of Joe's own mouth — to show just how hypocritical Lieberman is, and just how far away from where he started Joe has strayed.  Joe will do anything to keep his job, including running away from himself — it's high time for a change.

BTW, I cannot resist a smack at AdNags for this crappo headline in the NYTimes:  Polls Show Foley Case Is Hurting Congress' Image.   Shouldn't that be Republican-Controlled Congress?  Because in reading through the article, it is clear that the GOP is the focus of people's ire on this — and on many other issues — both Congressional Republicans and the Bush Administration.

Chris Cilizza in the WaPo makes a case that a Chris Carney ad against Don Sherwood is the best ad of this political season.  Take a peek and see if you agree.   Carney is currently leading Sherwood in the polls — you can read more about Chris here, from his chat with us in September with Howie's Blue America series.  (Go Chris — he's a great guy, and he'll make a fantastic representative for his district!)

Webb and Allen debated last night in the VA Senate race — their last debate prior to the election.  Bloomberg reports this morning that Allen's so-called "worthless" stock options were actually worth some $1.1 million — and went unreported on his required Senate filings.  Um…OOPS.

The Hill has an interesting tidbit on John Laesch (more from our Blue America chats with him here and here) — apparently he's had a surge of support due, in part, to Denny Hastert's abysmal blathering about the Foley mess. 

In the days since Foley resigned, Democrat John Laesch raked in $40,000 from online contributions. He has had to reorder yard signs and install new phone lines in his campaign headquarters in Yorkville, Ill.

"Over the weekend, there were 20 to 30 people in the office that I’d never seen before," Laesch told The Hill. "People were coming in with a $100 check and asking for a yard sign."

Nothing like loads of people coming in for yard signs and handing over $100 campaign checks.  Go John! And if you live in Laesch's district — they could use a few more volunteers to help with all the yard sign deliveries!

DKos has a whole series of campaign updates going today.  As does MyDD.  And Digby has some thoughts on the GOP and "values voters" that are well worth a read.

The Republican Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee is contemplating yanking the tax-exempt status of the NCAA.  Wonder what the Joe Six-Pack contingent of voters will think about that?  Maybe you should ask folks with whom you tailgate the next few weekends?

E.J. Dionne has some thoughts on voting — and voting machines — and ensuring a fair vote.  Interesting, and good to bring this into a mainstream media context in terms of accountability on this issue.

As I said this morning, it's going to come down to getting out the vote.  What are you doing to help with that?

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