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Big boy Tonka

Back in March of last year we adopted an adult dog from Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue named Tonka after our other big boy, Red, died suddenly under anesthesia.

Tonka is a sweet, gentle giant (125 lb.), now 10 years old. Here he is with Bailey, our Lab mix.

It only took him a day or so to get used to his new home, and he regularly takes his place firmly on the sofa while we are at work.

We noticed that he was slowing down a bit last week, sleeping more than usual (and Ridgebacks love snoozing), so took him in a little early for his annual exam and they did blood work.

I received a call this AM and he has lymphoma, fairly advanced.

He’s eating, drinking and playing just fine when he’s not snoozing, but it’s likely he only has a short time with us, maybe weeks, it’s hard to say. I’m very down — none of my Ridgebacks have made it past 10 (he’s my third). They are a wonderful breed, but like most large breeds, they don’t have long lifespans.

What we do know is that we have given Tonka a comfortable home, love and companionship, and buddies in Bailey and Chloe.

Tonka, Chloe, Bailey.

We will care for him and love on him for as long as we have him; we know that he will let us know when it is time to go over the Rainbow Bridge. It breaks our hearts that we have only had a short time with this big wonderful boy who snores like a train.

* Ridge pics of Tonka

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding