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TVC's Lou Sheldon's spittles over Foley

Just. Plain. Deranged. I was waiting for Crazy Lou Sheldon, who spends most of his waking hours thinking about homosexuality, to weigh in on Foleygate.

The Traditional Values Coalition honcho’s essay, “Homosexual Activists Use Mark Foley Scandal For Political Gain,” is par for the fact-free course for Lou. He spends the first half of the article going over the old saw, already denied by ABC, that gay activists “sat on” all the emails and IMs of Foley preying on teen pages and that Mike Rogers, John Aravosis, George Soros and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was behind all of it.

The exposure of Foley as a closeted homosexual and his fantasies about young boys, was timed to do maximum damage to the Republican Party just weeks before the November election.

…In a March 2005 post, [Mike] Rogers said: When we get closer to the mid-term elections, I am sure more will surface” about Foley.

Investors Business Daily asks the question of Democrat leaders: “…what did Democrats know, and when did they know it?”

The paper notes that it didn’t take the Democrats long after Foley’s resignation to begin to “call for an investigation of the entire Republican leadership in the House.” …Is this the scandal the Democrats’ own ‘October Surprise,’ meant to throw the GOP into a tailspin shortly before the vote?”

I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t any reference to The Clenis as another suspect.

Sheldon, who has to be one of the most virulent homo-haters out there, seeing homo pedophiles around every corner. He has whole papers and portions of the TVC site dedicated to junk science and hysteria-generating screeds tying gays (men, of course) to child molestation.

To understand Rep. Mark Foley’s attraction to teenage boys, one must realize that pederasty, the act of a homosexual to engage in sex with a teenage male is part of the overall homosexual lifestyle. Media reports have incorrectly referred to Foley’s attractions to teens as pedophilia. Pedophilia is sexual attraction to pre-teenagers.

Foley’s attraction to teenage boys is not considered abnormal within the homosexual activist community. In fact, efforts are being made by homosexual groups around the world to lower or abolish the age of sexual consent. In addition, homosexual web sites keep track of the age of consent for children in different countries where they travel to have sex with kids: Age of Consent – Sexual Consent Ages From Around The World.

From TVC’s site, a banner complete with a green-tinted pedophile for added effect.

TVC Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon has observed: “Pederasty is an accepted part of homosexuality around the world. Most homosexuals will tell you that they were brought into homosexuality by an older male. This is evident in the Catholic priest scandal. There were plenty of other Catholic priests for illicit sex, yet they targeted children for seduction and recruitment.

“How do we prevent such socially unacceptable acts in our culture against children? Everyone knows that to eliminate such behaviors, you must not feed it with positive support. Unfortunately, the politically correct view is to accept homosexuality. If you oppose homosexuality, you’re considered a bigot. Mr. Foley did not think pederasty was wrong because it was part of the overall homosexual lifestyle.

This is so over the top that it you wish someone would put this man on the air so that he could self-destruct. All someone has to do is debunk this clown with actual facts.

Hat tip, Autumn.

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