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Time for another unhinged Hartline moment

San Diego anti-gay, “former homosexual” activist James Hartline has finally moved on from his multi-month diatribe about his city’s Pride celebration to a grade-Z imitation of Don Wildmon and the AFA. He is now confronting the powers of darkness represented by…gay rodeo.

This sad man has launched a protest of Christian Radio Station KKLA because one of its sponsors is auto dealer Galpin Ford, which is also sponsoring the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo. From James’s breathless release (please ready yourself for uncontrollable laughter, friends):

In one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy that the James Hartline Report has ever seen, JHReport has now discovered that a major Christian radio station in California is continuing to take advertisement money from one of the biggest sponsors of a deplorable homosexual event: the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo. KKLA 99.5fm, a southern California Christian radio station, bills itself as “America’s Number One Christian Talk Station”. In true Judas-style fashion, KKLA isn’t talking about one topic with its listeners: the fact that the station is continuing to advertise Galpin Ford, one of the biggest sponsors of a homosexual rodeo, on its station. Can you say, “Brokeback Christianity?

Galpin Ford was the focus of a major national news scandal earlier this year, when the James Hartline broke the story that Galpin Ford was sponsoring the notorious Los Angeles Gay Rodeo ( Feeding into the controversy, has been the fact that the American Family Association has been leading a nationwide boycott against the Ford Motor Company due to its overt promotion of gay marriage and other aspects of the radical gay agenda (

The ex-gay battle axe takes special umbrage at the fact that the principal owner of Galpin Ford, Bert Boeckmann, considers himself a born-again Christian.

Apparently, Boeckmann seems to have left out the degradation of homosexuality as part of his porfolio of “not to do’s” when lining up his business practices. The idea that a professed Christian would allow his car dealership to sponsor one of Los Angeles’ most anti-family, homosexual events, the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo, is a clear barometer of how broken California’s moral compass really is.

Yes, it goes on and on, asking the “7,400 Concerned Citizens Strong” on his mailing list to write and call KKLA to “tell them to stop taking Gay Rodeo sponsor Galpin Ford’s money, until Galpin Ford gets out of the Brokeback Rodeo business!”

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Hat tip, Autumn.

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