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Reynolds drops out of fundraiser for mistress-choker

Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), the honcho of the NRSC, continues his cutting and running from the Foley scandal. After unexpectedly skipped an appearance on ABC’s This Week yesterday, today he had a “scheduling conflict” that kept him from appearing at a fundraiser for fellow Republican.

Of course the fellow Rethug with his own issues — Rep. Don Sherwood landed in court for choking his mistress. (NYT):

Rep. Tom Reynolds, head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, was scheduled to appear at an event Thursday night in Williamsport, Pa., for Rep. Don Sherwood. A spokesman for Reynolds said he canceled because of a scheduling conflict.

…Sherwood’s opponent, Democrat Chris Carney, has issued statements calling on Sherwood to cancel the fundraiser with Reynolds. Democrats have accused Reynolds of doing too little to protect a male teenage page from Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican who resigned Sept. 29 after disclosure of his inappropriate electronic messages to former congressional pages.

When asked whether the statements from the Carney campaign were a factor in the decision for Reynolds to not appear Thursday, Jake O’Donnell, a spokesman for Sherwood, said, ”It is mostly about the travel schedule, but there is that other issue.”

…The four-term Sherwood, who represents parts of central and northeast Pennsylvania, was considered to have a safe seat until it came to light last year that police had investigated a report of an altercation in 2004 between Sherwood and Cynthia Ore in his Capitol Hill apartment. Criminal charges were never filed, but Ore later sued, alleging Sherwood had choked her. The suit was settled for an undisclosed sum.

Hat tip, Holly.

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