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Lieberman For Lieberman: Not So Good For Connecticut


Kirby over at CTBob's place has a fine graph up about Lieberman's less-than-stellar record at getting his Republican friends to help him bring home federal tax dollars to Connecticut.  Although with his horrible political tin ear he openly brags about all the "earmarks" he's bagged for the state, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation:

Connecticut ranks 49 out of all 50 states in its ratio of federal tax spent in state versus federal tax dollars sent to Washington. In other words, Connecticut is the second to last state in the country in terms of getting a return on its federal tax dollars, getting just 66 cents of federal spending for every $1 dollar Connecticut taxpayers are paying in to the system. [Source: Tax Foundation, 2004 report]

Now, Connecticut State Legislators want to know why Lieberman can't be bothered to show up and vote on the state's behalf:

Joe Lieberman has one of the worst voting records in the U.S. Senate.

Recently, he's explained that it's ok to miss votes if his vote wouldn't make a difference. Unfortunately, Senator Lieberman's absenteeism is a big part of why he has failed to deliver for Connecticut. In all, twenty State Senators and Representatives will release a letter to Senator Lieberman decrying how his record of absenteeism is hurting Connecticut, with the country dangerously on the wrong track and the state now constantly being shortchanged by Congress for its most pressing priorities.

Joe tried to pretend he was a Democrat in the primary, now he's all about being a Republican.  But in the end, Joe is just out for Joe.

And for those who have been pining for the opportunity to comment on Joe's blog, well, now you can

I know.   It's going to fill a big void in my life too.

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