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Lieberman Can’t Keep His GOP Talking Points Straight


Matt Stoller catches Joe Lieberman lying again (yeah I know, it's like falling off a log):

Last Sunday, here's Joe Lieberman on the Hastert cover-up, which he used to push his ethics legislation.

These reports demand a full, independent investigation to determine exactly how the House leadership responded to the concerns that were raised about Congressman Foley's contacts with young pages….

Either way, this awful incident points out a major flaw in our ethics system — there is in fact no independent body in Congress to investigate allegations of ethical misconduct by Members and to eliminate the inherent conflict of interest in cases like this.

And today, here's Joe Lieberman on the Hastert cover-up.

I am also deeply disturbed by the reports suggesting that some in the House leadership ignored or even covered up Congressman Foley's predatory behavior.  This case demands a full, immediate, and independent investigation, which is underway in the bipartisan House Ethics Committee.

So from Friday to today, suddenly Congress developped the ability to investigate allegations of ethical misconduct.

As noted previously, the new Republican game plan regarding Foley is to drag the investigation out past the election — and Joe is helping them by beating up on Democrats who don't want to let them get away with it.  Small wonder.  According to the USA Today/Gallup poll:

Two-thirds of those in the survey said they are following the page scandal very or somewhat closely.

More than half — 54% — said Republican leaders who knew about Foley's actions for months or years did not act against him earlier "for political reasons." By 43%-36%, they said House Speaker Dennis Hastert should resign. One-third said the scandal would make them less likely to vote for a Republican; 53% said it would make no difference.

Once again, it seems that most folks aren't buying Lieberman's excuse making.  His corrupt GOP cronies certainly need all the help they can get. 

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