Good news for people who love bad news

One more time we see that George Bush’s failure to get anything done, and specifically done right, is an “opportunity” for him:

Twenty-nine days before election day… Before the news broke of North Korea’s nuclear test, it had been hard to imagine what events might pop up over the next four weeks to provide Republicans with some relief from the negative storylines of the Foley scandal and Iraq, where the rate of US troop casualties has shot up. Voters continue to call Iraq their top issue for the midterm elections, and the Foley scandal eclipsed last week’s stock market highs and gas price and unemployment lows.

The news out of North Korea, bad as it might be for the Administration’s diplomatic efforts there, returns Bush to the bully pulpit — he’ll make a statement at 9:45 am — and may help Republicans return the focus to the more favorable, broader security debate. For example, Republicans occasionally hit certain Democrats for opposing a missile defense shield. But the ongoing House Ethics Committee and Justice Department probes will keep the Foley scandal in the news.

Failure is success! I don’t know how much more good news for President Asleep At The Wheel we can take…

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