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'Security moms' may drop-kick the GOP

The the party of Grand Old Perverts should not be surprised that the security moms/soccer moms have had enough. Whether the Democrats can capitalize on this by doing more than hoping the Right stays home is another matter. (AP):

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll this month found that support is now evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans among married women with children in the house. Republicans won this voting group by 18 percentage points in 2002 and Bush won it by 14 percentage points in 2004.

…For years, the GOP has held a slight advantage with this group of voters. Republicans made additional gains leading up to and through the 2000 presidential election, in part because, according to analysts and exit polls, married moms were attracted to Bush’s emphasis on social conservatism and had a general fondness for the man himself.

In the 2002 congressional elections, more than half of married moms sided with Republicans while only 35 percent voted with Democrats. Two years later, in a presidential election year, married moms preferred Bush over Democratic Sen. John Kerry by 56 percent to 42 percent.

That GOP advantage has evaporated.

…”Married moms, like Americans in other demographic groups, are much more critical of President Bush, are angry at Washington, are concerned about Iraq and are worried about many other things,” said Andrew Kohut. He is director of the Pew Research Center, an independent public opinion organization that also found married moms breaking even.

What are the driving issues for these women? Health care, the economy and Iraq. The latter ranks higher on the concern meter than taxes, Social Security and gas prices.

Now what do the Dems have to offer this demo? Two of the women interviewed for the article make it clear that without a clear vision, the Dems won’t pick these votes up. One says she would consider voting Democrat “if they fit my values,” (without defining what those are), and another’s comment indicates Democrats are still not reaching these women.

Laura Hall of Pewee Valley, Ky., has three kids, including a high-school-aged son who is considering joining the military upon graduation. The owner of a child- and elder-care placement service, the 46-year-old Hall worries about immigration, border security and threats from North Korea.

…”I never see them explain how they could do it better,” Hall said. “If somebody could explain how they could do it better, then I think I’d be more open to their ideas.”

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