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Foley's power trip

More details about Foley’s predatory pick-up lines have turned up in today’s LA Times. A former page, who had a sexual encounter with Foley in 2000 (after he turned 21), has come forward to describe that incident, as well as lurid observations that power pervert Foley made about teen pages in IMs.

In the messages, Maf54 described how years earlier, he had looked to see whether the former page had an erection in his tight white pants while the then-teenager was working near the congressman. Maf54 also speculated about the sexual attributes of other males in the same page class, including the observation that one young man was “well hung.”

Foley knew exactly how to use his position to get what he wanted — and pursued the page, as he did with others, even after they left the program.

Foley’s flirtations made the young man feel important at a time when he was struggling with his emerging sexuality. “It seemed cool that he was taking an interest,” he said. “I knew he was gay, and he was attracted to me.”

After leaving the program, the former page began receiving messages from Foley. He is uncertain how Foley knew his college instant-message name, but assumed the congressman had access to a directory listing former pages’ whereabouts.

The exchanges quickly became provocative. In one 2000 message, Maf54 inquired about the length and direction of the youth’s erection.

Foley was really two very different people: a legislator “really devoted to his cause,” and a sexual being.

The page also remarked that he was surprised it took so long for Foley to get busted for his activities, and that he had a well-known rep among the pages, earning the nickname “Triple F” — Florida Fag Foley.

He was allowed to abused his position of power for sexual gratification, operating unchecked in those two worlds of DC that I described in an earlier post.

The first is the one we read about in the MSM’s coverage of government — full of stuffed shirts, major egos and jockeying for power, with a lot of waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayers’ money.

Then there is the other DC that appears when the sun sets — an over-sexed, bacchanalian, orgiastic hotbed of god-knows-what that we hear about in rumors and whispers (in blogs or in private emails). It occasionally peeps into public view when a major scandal erupts, and then the wagons eventually circle and the latter DC quickly “disappears” from public view.


I just walked into the room and CNN’s Late Edition is on, and the bleating GOP head defending Denny Hastert today is none other than anti-gay deputy GOP whip and Republican NC Congressman Patrick McHenry (10th district). BTW, that’s in the western part of my state, including the town of Mooresville, “home to several NASCAR teams and drivers including Dale Earnhardt, Jr.,” according to Patrick’s web site.

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Keep an eye on this one.


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