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Trouble in GOP House seats

Uh, oh. Foleygate isn’t going away for The Base.

“The social conservatives are frustrated with what’s going on,” said Saulius Anuzis, the chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan, where, he said, one-third of his volunteers are social conservatives. “We have heard disappointment and disenchantment. The level of commitment isn’t as fierce as it ought to be.”

…George Rasley, an aide to Representative Deborah Pryce, Republican of Ohio, who was linked to Mr. Foley in a Democratic advertisement that began running Friday, said the Foley investigation further soured an already tough environment for Republicans in Ohio, a state hammered by corruption investigations this year.

…In Pennsylvania this week, Representative Don Sherwood, a suddenly endangered Republican, bought time on television to offer an apology in response to allegations that he had abused his mistress. Analysts for both parties said the sweep of outrage over Congressional misbehavior had weakened Mr. Sherwood and forced him to deal directly with the issue.

Recipient of an 84% rating from Christian Coalition, Don Sherwood’s “backrub” was actually a chokehold, according to Cynthia Ore.

Democratic advertisements are linking Mr. Foley to both Ms. Pryce of Ohio and Representative Mike Sodrel of Indiana. Ms. Pryce once described Mr. Foley as a friend, one advertisement says, while Mr. Sodrel is criticized as taking a campaign contribution “from the House leadership, who knew about it but did nothing to stop sexual predator Congressman Foley.”

A fund-raiser for Mr. Sodrel headlined by Mr. Hastert was postponed this week. Mr. Sodrel’s campaign manager, Cam Savage, said that was only because of a scheduling conflict.

Right. Please, dear readers, keep from falling out of your chair with laughter at this bit of sad spinning in the article.

Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said he believed that Republicans turned a corner when Mr. Hastert accepted responsibility for the mishandling of the page scandal after days of being pressed to take action by restive Republicans.

“I’m looking at every single bit of public and private data,” Mr. Mehlman said. “So far, I have seen a minimal effect of this particular situation, which is not to say that I don’t take it seriously.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding