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Joe Liarman Strikes Again


You have to see the above YouTube from CTBob to believe it. Joe Liarman says it's Ned Lamont who falsely accused him of using the words "partisan frenzy" when referring to Democrats who want to hold Dennis Hastert accountable — and then in the next clip…well, take a guess.  Once again, "say anything" Lieberman proves he is, indeed, willing to "say anything."  

He then goes on to parrot the new GOP defense of Hastert du jour — let's "wait until the investigation" in order to call for Hastert's resignation.  Right-o.  That would be the GOP controlled Ethics Committee that GOP Joe has so much faith in to get to the bottom of the GOP coverup for sexual predators within their ranks.  Hmmm.  Some folks not named Lieberman are rightfully skeptical that this particular Ethics Committe, gutted and retro-fitted by Hastert himself to look away from every single GOP scandal of the past two years, is qualified to do the job

Now, can a panel that has been derided as a symbol of congressional dysfunction take up a tough, politically sensitive case a month before an election and produce results within weeks, as promised?

Skeptics abound.

"We don't have a lot of confidence in the ethics committee," said James Benton of the public watchdog group Common Cause.

The committee launched an investigation Thursday into the House GOP leadership's handling of a scandal involving sexually explicit communications that former Florida Rep. Mark Foley, a Republican, sent to teenage pages. It has prepared nearly four dozen subpoenas for records and testimony, and its leaders are promising to "go wherever the evidence takes us."

But the investigation follows months of attacks on the committee for failing to aggressively investigate the dealings of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and other scandals.

The committee's last major action – admonishing then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a Texas Republican – was about two years ago. Afterward, the Ethics Committee chairman was booted from the panel.

"The last time the committee did its job it had its head chopped off," Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer, a longtime champion of ethics reform, said yesterday, calling it "not exactly a good sign" for the job ahead. He has called for outside investigation.

 While the DeLay case was considered politically sensitive, this one could be tougher. It involves looking into what House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois and other lawmakers knew about Foley's activities, when, and how they responded.

The investigation also is being conducted in the heat of a partisan fight for control of Congress. Yesterday, New Jersey Republican Senate candidate Tom Kean called for Republican Hastert to resign as speaker. And Democrats plan to discuss the scandal in their radio address today.

So far most of Hastert's House GOP colleagues appear to be standing by him. Rep. Joe L. Barton of Texas sent a letter yesterday urging fellow Republicans to wait for the results of the investigations. "Then we can judge everyone's actions for ourselves, based on facts instead of frenzy or ambition," he wrote.

Watch the YouTube above to see how quickly Bush-kissin' GOP Joe picks up the GOP talking points — ready to assist in the official coverup for the GOP without limit.  He'd have to improve significantly to be deserving of the word "scurrlious."  

On the plus side — how cool is it that CTBob obviously now haunts No-Show Joe in his dreams? 

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