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Bad Day for Tortureman

From the New Haven Independent:

Student Kevin Miner, who said he'd voted for Lieberman twice in 2000, said one question had been eating him up for a long time: "I want to know what the moral reasoning is from a man who went from being a freedom rider to a torture apologist. I want to know what happened."

The crowd — dozens of students joined by a lot of faculty and staff — applauded the question.

"I'm not a torture apologist," said Lieberman, citing "outrage" at absence of due process for detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Then he went on to explain why he was one of only 12 Democratic senators to support a recent detainee bill. The bill prohibits some of the worst abuses of detainees, but many Democrats say it gives the president too much room to decide which other interrogation techniques are permissible and allow inhumane treatment of suspects.

Echoing Republican arguments, Lieberman told the student: "We're at war. It's hard for a lot of people to understand this, because it's a different kind of war." The people we are capturing are "enemy combatants," and in many countries are given fewer rights than prisoners of war. "We are now giving them more rights than prisoners of war get in most countries of war."

"I know it's fasionable to say what you're saying," Lieberman told the student. But "these are people who people working for us suspect of wanting to kill us. All of us! Any one of us! And it doesn't mean that they aren't human beings … But they don't deserve the same rights that citizens of the United States do."

"Fashionable?"  How fucking condescending.

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