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Time for the GOP hole card to turn up

With all the crazy tomFoleyry threatening to decapitate the GOP congressional leadership and turn the keys over to the Dems, I can’t help but think, “how’s Karl Rove going to rescue the Grand Old Pervs of God’s Oil Party this time?”

Then I surfed over to Kos’s place and watched one of Tester’s ads against Burns (R-MT). The subject is Burns’ support of the USA unPATRIOTic ACT and Tester’s tag line is “Why do you think we’re the enemy? And where’s Osama bin Laden?”

Ah, yes. There’s the hole card. That scenario I dreaded back in October 2004. What if BushCo knows exactly where Osama is and could produce him at any moment? Pervez Musharraf was just in town — did he and BushCo work out the details for the ultimate October Surprise?

What do you think? Is the damage from Foleygate and the Iraquagmire enough to sink the GOP in the face of a freshly captured Osama? (or better for BushCo, a freshly killed and unable to make statements in a courtroom Osama… not that they’d actually allow the trial to be open, but…)

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