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Ned Lamont and Wes Clark Speak Out Against Hastert

Wes Clark campaigned with Ned Lamont today, slamming Joe Lieberman for his hopeless bungling of the war in Iraq that has left America less safe as a result.  Meanwhile, Connecticut House Majority Leader Chris Donovan also castigated Lieberman for refusing to call on Dennis Hastert to step down, saying:

Ned Lamont, correctly, has called for Speaker Hastert to step down. You, instead, have criticized those who want accountability from those entrusted with great authority.

Clark and Lamont also addressed the issue of the DC insiders Lieberman is so loyal to who have no problem putting kids at risk:

QUESTION:  This issue of Dennis Hastert?  Everybody is talking about that. The nurses that I work with — bingo.  You don't have to explain it, you don't have to get in an involved argument, because they see this Congress as putting kids at risk.

LAMONT:  My sense is we have people in Congress who haven't been parents for an awful long time.  If  any of you've got kids and you've got somebody in seventh grade and you found out that there was a teacher who was sending potentially inappropriate emails to somebody's fellow student, and that principle hadn't reacted, my God you'd go ballistic.  You wouldn't be wondering about what the reaction of the other parents was going to be. And as far as I can figure out, the people in Washington are wondering what the political response was going to be and they didn't worry about the kids.

QUESTION:  No, and that's what people can identify with.

CLARK: Why don't you just say, in case of Hastert — it's kids at risk.  In case of Republians — it's America at risk.

Lieberman's refusal to hold Dennis Hastert accountable for his actions is even more deplorable when you listen to him undercut Democratic leaders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who are trying to do so.  

He is a vile and soulless human being.

(thanks to Spazeboy for the video of Lamont and Clark meeting with CT bloggers) 

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