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Three more pages speak to ABC about Foley's 'approaches'

“I was seventeen years old and just returned to [my home state] when Foley began to e-mail me, asking if I had ever seen my page roommates naked and how big their penises were.”
— one of three former pages who came forward to ABC about the smooth online moves of sexual predator Mark Foley.

Argh. The stories about the former congressman and grade-A dirtbag just keep on coming. You almost need an air sickness bag at the ready for each new development. (ABC Blotter):

Three more former congressional pages have come forward to reveal what they call “sexual approaches” over the Internet from former Congressman Mark Foley.

…The former page also said Foley told him that if he happened to be in Washington, D.C., he could stay at Foley’s home if he “would engage in oral sex” with Foley.

…The second page who talked with ABC News, a graduate of the 2000 page class, says Foley actually visited the old page dorm and offered rides to events in his BMW. “His e-mails developed into sexually explicit conversations, and he asked me for photographs of my erect penis,” the former page said.

…The third page interviewed by ABC News, a graduate of the 1998 page class, said Foley’s instant messages began while he was a senior in high school. “Foley would say he was sitting in his boxers and ask what I was wearing,” the page said.


8:30 PM UPDATE: Kate and I were watching Headline News and Jane Velez-Mitchell just announced that the AP is reporting a young man from Kentucky who is serving in Iraq has come forward to say that Foley had also had lurid communications with him and would be reporting this to military officials.

Also running in the crawl is that victims rights’ advocates are demanding Foley come forward with the name of the clergyman who molested him.

The AP has a chronology of events up.

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