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Pass the Republi-Buck

UPDATE:  MSNBC folks are discussing the "four dozen subpoenas" that the House Ethics Committee discussed issuing in its investigation of the Foley and surrounding mess.  There appears to be agreement that this is going to drip, drip, drip out for the next few months, which is bad news for Republicans.  Norah O'Donnell saying that moms are having a horrible reaction to this, which is a huge concern to Republicans.  Hastert told Paul Weyrich that the conversation that Boehner says occurred never happened — and so the "pass the Republi-buck" continues.  Still waiting for Hastert's presser.  Nothing like leaving the media waiting for an hour, eh, Denny? 


UPDATE #2 (2:35 pm ET):  Hastert finally showed up for his presser.  Statement first to the effect of: 

Hastert — “I’m deeply sorry that this has happened. Ultimately, we’re taking responsibility for this. As someone said before in Washington, the buck stops here.” Asking the ethics committee, the DoJ, the FBI and the state of Florida to look into this (now that ABC News forced our hand on this and actually investigated it. Ahem.)

“We will do everything possible to make certain that these kids are safe in Washington, D.C.”

Looks like he's going to do the "stand at the podium until the press stops asking questions or Hastert gives out" method.  Press is asking some decent questions, including the "you were a teacher and coach, didn't this raise an alarm with you?"  (Answer from Hastert:  um, well we had an e-mail, pass the buck to Shimkus, blame kids parents for being happy with what they did, next question…)

And the answer was, Hastert got tired of answering questions before the press stopped asking them, around 2:41 pm ET.  You can support Hastert's opponent John Laesch by taking a peek here and going to our Blue America page.


Via Crooks and Liars, I found this Daily Show clip on the game of "Pass the Republi-Buck" that has been going around the GOP leadership.  Insightful, no?

Sometimes, when the news is this putrid, laughter really is the best medicine.  Well, and a few squicky, irritating disgusting elbows thrown in for good measure.

It's dueling press conferences today — the Ethics Committee has one, Hastert (R-IL) is having one…who knows who will show up in front of a microphone before the day is out.  Tom Reynolds (R-NY) showed up at a fundraiser with George Pataki and First Lady Laura Bush and a passel of American flags.  (Has enyone else noticed a relationship between the sheer number of flags people put behind themselves having a direct correlation to the amount of political trouble they perceive they may be in at that moment?  If so, Reynolds is feeling very insecure these days…sheesh.)

George Will is surprisingly readable today — and by that, I mean, he's as disgusted with this whole mess as we are.  More as we get it.

(Oh, and FYI, Froomkin is great again today.  Must read stuff here, including some great follow-up on the signing statement issue.  H/T to reader Madison Guy for the Reynolds link.)

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