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Pandagon — one of Playboy's top 10 political blogs

Pandagon, one of the other virtual abodes that I contribute to, has been named one of the Top 10 Political Blogs by Playboy Magazine.

Amanda, jedmunds and I are in great company in the November 2006 issue, which is available on newsstands tomorrow.

The list:
The Daily Dish, Power Line, Captain’s Quarters, Daily Kos, TPM Café, Hit & Run, Unclaimed Territory, Pandagon, Tapped, The American Scene

We definitely had no idea this was coming; we received emails today with the announcement.

Playboy says this about Pandagon (tee-hee):

“The don’t-give-a-fuck spirit of blogging is alive and well at Pandagon, where three fierce, funny, pro-sex feminists disguise their almost frightening intellect with thick layers of attitude. Their favorite targets are blowhard moralists.”

© 2006 by Playboy. All rights reserved. (Click image for all the blurbs).

[Thank you Playboy Publicity Manager Theresa Hennessey for passing on the PDF of the Top 10 page for me to post — so I could show that I wasn’t BS-ing you all, lol.]

Amanda’s post is up now.

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