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NJ Gov Corzine would override legislative ban on marriage equality if court rules in favor

Here’s a signal to the legislature that’s hard to miss. A ruling on marriage equality in New Jersey is expected soon, and Jon Corzine has declared that if the state Supreme Court ruling enables gays and lesbians to marry, he won’t tolerate wingnut bills to ban it. (365gay):

At the legislature Thursday hundreds of religious conservatives staged a noisy rally demanding the legislature move to block same-sex marriage no matter what the court decides.

The only way that could be done would be through a constitutional amendment. Several Republican lawmakers have sponsored a bill to begin the amendment process but it has never received a hearing.

“If the Supreme Court rules that gay marriage is constitutional, the governor would not sign legislation to take away people’s rights,” said Anthony Coley, the governor’s spokesperson.

…New Jersey is one of only five states without a specific ban on gay marriage.

Conversely, if the court ruled against same-sex marriage and legislation is introduced to authorize it, the article notes that Corzine would then have to reconcile his position that marriage is only between a man and a woman — no one knows whether he would sign such a bill.

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