[Update:  Howie's got a diary over at Kos.  If you're a Kossak, please stop by and recommend.] 

Howie Klein has done amazing things since taking over stewardship of our Blue America page, most notably the production of the "Had Enough" campaign song with our own commenter Tommy Yum (of the Squirrel Nut Zippers) and Ricki Lee Jones.  It's been a godsend to small but oh-so-important campaigns as Democrats across the country fight to take back the house.

Now with the help of another one of our commenters, Jacqrat (who is also a media buyer) our Blue America PAC is raising money to do media buys in targeted areas on behalf of our progressive candidates. So we're having a contest. Says Howie:

You can go see the new Al Franken movie, Al Franken: God Spoke; in fact you should. And you can watch the trailer. You should and here it is. But what you can't do is go buy the dvd for this wonderful movie. I guess in a few weeks or so you'll be able to. But right now, there's only one way to get your very own dvd of Al Franken: God Spoke: enter the Blue America raffle. Not only do I have 5 beautiful mint advance copies, each one has been autographed by Al specifically for Blue America.

OK, so here's the deal. We want to run targeted radio spots customized for some of our candidates, based on the song "Have You Had Enough?" We've raised nearly $10,000 for this, using the Blue America PAC, so far. Take a look. Now, for every $25 you donate between now and midnight (your time) you get one raffle ticket. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I'll put them all in a box and grab 5 and the 5 winners each get an autographed dvd. If you donate $50 you get two tickets. If you donate $100, you get 4 tickets. See how it works– $25 per chance.

So please visit our Blue America page and help out if you can.  And you can click on the above YouTube and hear Howie tell the story that made me entrust our Blue America project to him in the first place — how he got hoodwinked into giving money to the wrong candidate and has been doing penance ever since (you'll have to listen to the YouTube to hear who it is, but trust me, it's baaad).

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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