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Get Up And Help Get Out the Vote


The Democratic National Committee is sponsoring a nationwide event this Saturday, and I wanted to make sure that our readers were well aware of it.   "The 50 State Turnout" will focus on GOTV efforts in every state in the union — although clearly some states are more organized than others, there should be events going on all over the place on Saturday. 

While you are peeking at this, take some time to look around the DNC website, and try out the Partybuilder tool.  This has the potential to put the action in your hands in terms of a number of areas that can have an impact on the election cycle this time around and into the next as well:  fundraising, issue awareness, community action, you name it.

We've talked in the past quite a bit about getting involved in local Democratic organizations — local party groups or grassroots groups like Democracy for America.  If you've been thinking about getting involved, now is a great time.  With time ticking away toward the election in November, the work that you do to GOTV could make the difference for your community.  I know my local Democratic groups are not as active as I would like them to be — but at the same time, I haven't spent the time the last couple of months pushing things forward because I have been busy blogging.

These groups are only as effective as their membership does the work to make them so — and we are hitting that crunch time period where doing the work can really pay off come November.  Please consider getting involved in some GOTV action in your area. 

Or volunteering for a candidate that you believe would be great for your community —  this is truly a fantastic way to dip your toe in the political water and make a huge difference for yourself, your family and all the people that a great person will represent in elected office.  And for the person running, having a committed and enthusiastic volunteer who is willing to make some phone calls or walk a few neighborhoods or do voter registration can make all the difference. 

And, if I may suggest, we have some great candidates on our Blue America roster if you are looking for someone to help out.  Or pick someone in a local race — school boards and city councils and county commissions and such make a lot of every day decisions for all of us, and some effort on behalf of any progressive candidate can make a difference up and down the ticket.  Imagine the amount of change we could push forward if we were all working together for a better political future for America.

Today's action in the DNC's hundred days campaign is to talk with your family and friends about positive things the Democratic party and progressive candidates are doing for America.  Some great ideas there.  I think we forget sometimes how much of a difference our own, personal discussions can have with the people around us.  And browse back through the 100 days ideas — see if there is something else that you could do as well.  So many ideas — and only 33 days to go until the election in November.  Let's talk about what everyone has been doing — what's working, what isn't, and what problems you are trying to solve in your community.  Maybe someone else is doing the very thing that would work best for you. 

Just get up and out there and do something!  Your nation is depending on you.

(Get out and vote poster from a Nebraska campaign — graphics by a company called Eleven19.  Fun way to make voting more interesting for the public, don't you think?  Any other GOTV campaigns that you've liked?  Discuss in the comments below, please!)

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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