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David Corn has The List, but he’s not releasing it. What is it? It’s circulating on the Hill and is in the hands of the MSM — it’s a document purportedly naming all the closeted gay GOP staffers and members of Congress.

What’s interesting about The List–which includes nine chiefs of staffs, two press secretaries, and two directors of communications–is that (if it’s acucurate) it shows that some of the religious right’s favorite representatives and senators have gay staffers helping them advance their political careers and agendas. These include Representative Katherine Harris and Henry Hyde and Senators Bill Frist, George Allen, Mitch McConnell and Rick Santorum. Should we salute these legislators for being open-minded enough to have such tolerant hiring practices? After all, Santorum in a 2003 AP interview compared homosexuality to bestiality, incest and polygamy. It would be rather big of Santorum to employ a fellow who engages in activity akin to such horrors. That is, if Santorum knows about his orientation.

Gee, how come Corn doesn’t know that Communications Director Robert Traynham is already out, and Santorum knows it. That’s old news.

But I bet a lot of powerful GOP self-loathing closet cases are sweating bullets right about now.

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