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Special Edition FDL Movie Salon: Robert Greenwald’s Iraq For Sale

(Today Robert Greenwald joins in the comments to discuss his much-anticipated new movie, Iraq for Sale.  Please stop by and welcome him.)

In reviewing his new documentary Iraq For Sale, the New York Times accuses Robert Greenwald of indulging in "liberal rage."  I defy anyone to watch the film and not characterize it more appropriately as "human rage." The catalog of theft, mismanagement, greed, hubris and pathological indifference to the safety of those standing in harm's way elicits a response that is not partisan.  It is, up until now, the great untold story of the war.  Robert's film constitutes a heroic personal effort to bring this ugly story to the surface where we as a nation, not as Democrats and Republicans, can start to deal with the horrible fallout we'll be paying for, in both emotional and financial terms, for decades to come.  

It's not a subtle subject matter, but using the style he developed in Outfoxed, Uncovered and Walmart:  The High Cost of Low Price, Robert has a remarkable way of letting his subjects tell their own stories.  What emerges is a pattern of corruption and amorality so pervasive it's staggering — bad information gleaned by poorly trained interrogators (often through means of torture) is supplied to those who must rely on it for their safety, and the only operant ethic seems to be profit at all costs. Both civilians and military personnel find themselves in the midst of a kleptocratic horror show. 

(As a side note, it's small wonder that Ned Lamont won the majority of late absentee military ballots from overseas.  Seems the soldiers that Joe Tortureman has dispatched to fight his war don't share his rosy view of the situation.)

We've been covering the story of war profiteering every Saturday with Matt O.'s column, and Robert's film takes a good hard look at companies like Blackwater, Titan, CECI and Halliburton.  My sincere hope is that it will start resonating with lawmakers who will demand some accountability post-November, and we can begin to unravel this national disgrace (and i was a really good sign when Byron Dorgan, Harry Reid, Patrick Leahy, Jeff Bingaman and Mark Dayton invited Halliburton employees who appeared in Iraq For Sale to appear during DPC hearings seeking "accountability for contracting abuses in Iraq.")

Please welcome to FDL our good friend and constant source of inspiration, Robert Greenwald. And for thse who are interested in seeing the film, you can buy the DVD direct from Brave New Films here .

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