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Some interesting news for your reading pleasure — or disgust, as the case may be:

— Just a reminder that we'll be having our first FDL Film Salon this afternoon with Robert Greenwald of Iraq for Sale at 2:00 pm PT/5:00 pm ET.  Hope everyone can join us!

— MSNBC reports that the FBI has requested that Foley's computer and other electronic equipment from his Congressional office be preserved for evidentiary purposes.  (I listen to Rita Cosby so you don't have to…)

CNet reviews an IM-scanning safetyware program to protect your kids from "a Foley."  (H/T to Rayne for this find — that was a quick leap into the lexicon, wasn't it?) 

— Wes Clark will be campaigning with Ned Lamont in Connecticut on Friday — Ted Kennedy is there today, just FYI.  (One wonders what the Clintons are doing next week…since I hear that Kerry will also be campaigning for Ned, and Edwards already has, and that Warner is working with the Lamont campaign as well…hmmmm…)

Froomkin's White House Briefing is a Must Read today — fantastic compendium of issues.

The only thing anyone wants to hear from the president right now is his reaction to the Congressional page-sex scandal revolving around former representative Mark Foley and rapidly enveloping the GOP House leadership.

On top of that, the public doesn't trust him. A fresh round of polls shows that most Americans think Bush has been intentionally misleading about the progress in Iraq, they oppose his war there, and they don't think it's making them safer. His approval rating is back down to a dismal 39 percent.

And establishment Washington has finally and conclusively written him off as being in a state of denial.

And that is just for starters. Great read from start to finish today.

Digby asks about the silence of Holy Joe.  (As Atrios says, "wishes are not ponies.") 

Joseph Califano has some thoughts on the state of the House of Representatives under the Republican leadership:

The most troubling aspect of the Mark Foley scandal is not his conduct, disgusting as it was, but what the response of the leadership reveals about the rancid state of partisanship and the consequent decline of the House of Representatives. Speaker Dennis Hastert presides over a legislative body so infested with mistrust that it doesn't even have a functioning ethics committee. Since the House is incapable of washing its own dirty laundry and policing itself, the speaker has to turn over that responsibility to the attorney general and the executive branch of government.

The NYTimes says that Hastert is going to fight back to keep his job.  Well, that should be interesting.  Anyone want to talk odds on the buses versus Hastert question?

— Perhaps Denny ought to talk with Roy Blunt, since he's been talking to Forbes about Hastert's questionable leadership. 

(Artwork entitled "Reading Woman," by Pieter Janssens Elinga, b. 1623, Bruges, d. before 1682, Amsterdam.)

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