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Lieberman Trashes Democrats for Making Foley “Political” — Again


Joe Lieberman's Imus performance was just a dilly:

Obviously Foley had to go and he did go. Now to make it into a political question is wrong. Denny Hastert doesn't come to me for advice but if I were him I would tell them get somebody who people in both parties respect in there quickly, immediately.

Right.  George Bush doesn't want the chaos in his party that ejecting Hastert would bring, so Joe dutifully goes forth and not only voices his confidence that Hastert should be tasked with chosing someone to investigate himself, he then castigates Democrats for making into "a political question."  This on the heels of his open threats to Democrats to caucus with the Republicans if he did not retain his committee seniority.

Hey Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer — how long does this have to go on before it becomes officially outrageous?  In all seriousness, I think somebody needs to teach you how to fight like a girl.

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