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Lieberman Refuses to Hold Dennis Hastert Accountable


Uber-prig Joe Lieberman took so much pride in standing on the floor of the Senate and scolding Bill Clinton over a blow job that you just knew he'd come out swinging over Dennis Hastert's part in the coverup of sexually predatory behavior towards minors, didn't you?

No we don't live in that world, we live in friggin' bizzaroworld.  When asked whether Hastert should step down today, Joe scolded Democrats for attempting to make it a partisan issue.  Of course he has no interest in holding Hastert or any other Republican to account.

Ned Lamont

Joe Lieberman just can't bring himself to hold anyone in Washington accountable, even when the safety of our children is at stake. If Dennis Hastert knew that Mark Foley was harassing minors and didn't do anything about it, he should resign immediately. Anyone who disagrees is morally tone deaf. The fact that Joe Lieberman says calling for Hastert's resignation is too "partisan" demonstrates that he's been in Washington so long that he can't recognize the difference between what's right and what's partisan. We expect Senator Lieberman to stand by President Bush on the war and other failed policies, but until now we didn't expect him to protect a public leader who put the safety of our children at risk. Connecticut deserves better than someone who puts a twisted definition of "bipartisanship" ahead of what's right for this country. It's time for a change.

Joe Lieberman does not want to take responsibility for his mismanagement of the disastrous war in Iraq, nor does he want to hold Dennis Hastert responsible for his role in this sordid affair.  This may be Tortureman's definition of what it means to be "bipartisan," but it is not mine.

Moderator adds: Lieberman transcript from Imus show here.

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Jane Hamsher

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