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Donohue: 'Only' 840 8.4 priests molested children in 2005

[Correction: a big one — Paul missed the decimal point in the data (I didn’t check it)…see below.]

Sick f*ck Catholic conservative talking head William Donohue of The Catholic League, in his zeal to question sleazebag Mark Foley’s claims of being molested as a teen, exposed his true views on sexual abuse by pedophile priests. He believes that the victims are to blame for their circumstances.

“After all, most 15-year-old teenage boys wouldn’t allow themselves to be molested. So why did you?” He asked. “Why didn’t you just slap the clergyman in the face?”

Paul had something to say about it:

Donohue also went on to proclaim that in the year 2005 “only” 840 priests were sexually abusing children. I’m not sure that’s something to brag about, Bill.

I guess he probably believes that women who get raped are “asking for it” as well.

What a horror this man is.

A reader, Clif, emailed about the error (“Admitting 8-9 child abusers is bad enough. You probably shouldn’t give the wingnuts room to point out the mathematical error by not correcting the number.”)…

There’s an error in your post about the Catholic League wacko Bill Donahue that you may want to correct. Donahue’s press release says that 0.02 percent of the 42,000 priests have a claim of abuse lodged against them in 2005 — that’s 8.4 priests, not 840. I think the decimal point is causing the problem. 0.02 percent is not 2 percent, even though 2 percent is obtained by multiplying 0.02 times the number involved. 0.02 percent is obtained by multiplying 0.0002 times the number involved, which here is 42,000 and results in 8-9 priests, not 840 priests.

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