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Blue America Candidates Speak Out On La Cage Aux Foley: Angie Paccione, CO-04


I just wanted to take a moment to highlight the things that our Blue America candidates are doing to call out the corruption rife within the GOP and demand their Republican House opponents repudiate those involved in the coverup conspiracy.  Angie Paccione doesn't think much of the GOP's priority of getting its hands on the $2.7 million dollars worth of loot for the RNCC that Mark Foley raised for his re-election campaign.  Says Angie:

This morning, I called on Marilyn Musgrave to join me in demanding that Speaker Dennis Hastert step down from his leadership post. Speaker Hastert is presiding over a culture of corruption, and this is the last straw. The moral crisis into which the House leadership has thrown the Congress is not the product of yet another partisan fight; it is a question of honoring the values of decency and service that all members of Congress ought to value. The special interest protection racket that shielded Foley needs to be dismantled.

I applaud members like Geoff Davis, who donated the $1,000 he received from Foley’s PAC to a child advocacy agency in his district. I hope that every other campaign committee Foley supported has or will join Congressman Davis. This is not the time to cave in to powerful politicians. When a powerful institution like the U.S. Congress passively tolerates abusive and predatory behavior like Mark Foley’s, it has betrayed the trust of the people.

I am asking Marilyn to help me in urging Foley to transfer his campaign funds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Predatory behavior like Foley’s ought to teach her how important the center is, given her past opposition to it. I hope Marilyn seizes this opportunity to champion a vital program and do the right thing for vulnerable children who are victimized.

Angie also recently received the endorsement of Wes Clark, if you didn't get a chance to read over Howie Klein's Blue America session with Angie, please do. She's a person of faith who told Howie Klein "I believe in living it, not legislating it," as opposed to the "do as I say, not as I do" members of the GOP sexual predator protection racket.  


Angie is in a winnable race and we hope to be writing a lot more about her.  If you have any good stories about Angie, or any great clippings about either her or the race, please leave them in the comments. And if you'd like to give to her campaign you can do so here — we really want to support progressive candidates especially when they show, like Angie, that they are ready and willing to fight.

Update:  Per Peterr in the comments, the Rocky Mountain News says that Musgrave refuses to answer questions about Hastert.  Spotlight, anyone? 

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