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Late Nite FDL: The Foleygate Blame Game

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Oh, god, it's Katherine Harris.  She's baaaaaack.  And here's what she has to say about Foleygate:

"The media are being quite disingenous to make it a partisan issue.  If anything, the Republicans didn't know about these issues and we're going to be very anxious to find out who in the media and on the other side of the aisle knew this and kept it from the public interest as our children were at stake…"

Uh, do what?

Okay, so in the pantheon of lying Reich Wing flacks, it appears that Drudge was dispatched to blame the victims, Ben Stein was called out (It must be a serious political emergency when Karl Rove's office is asking F-list Mtv game show hosts to carry water for the RNC.  I mean, who's next?  Jenny McCarthy?) to blame the gays, Sean Hannity is (of course!) blaming President Clinton, and Katherine Harris is blaming, well, who, exactly?  The media?  The Democrats?  Oh, and of course, Foley himself is blaming a combination of alcohol and the priest who molested him when he was a teen.

The fact is that this is a Republican scandal, made by Republicans, perpetrated on Republican Youth, covered up and hidden by, yes, Republicans.  They have no one to blame on this but themselves.

So, what do you suppose is next?  Rush Limbaugh will blame the ACLU?  Ann Coulter will viciously attack the mothers of the pages for giving birth to them?  ("Never before have I seen women enjoy their childrens' molestation so much!!  They're just playing to the GRIEFARAZZI!!")  Michelle MalKKKin will blame a couple of Arab guys found carrying cell phones in their pockets, Atlas Pam will blame "duh MOOSE-lums", and Joe Lieberman will blame Ned Lamont and his supporters.  Oh, and John Mark Karr, in an attempt to avoid extradition back to Thailand will blame himself.

It is the Reich Wing Culture of Denial that is to blame here.  It's as I said last night, in an environment where secrecy and repression are the law, predators flourish and thrive, escaping detection because nobody wants to admit that there is a problem.  The victims are too ashamed to talk about what happened to them.  Parents hush it up rather than risk the embarrassment.  And then the cycle repeats itself.

If anything good can possibly come out of all this, I hope it is that people will be less afraid to speak openly about the topic of sexual predators who prey on children.  As it stands, it took the pages themselves coming forward with their allegations, and one particularly sick rightard blogger is now threatening to "out" the personal information of the original whiste-blower.  (This was a front-page story on HuffPo, but it looks like they scrubbed it, probably to preserve the page's privacy.)

There's a lot more I want to say about this, but frankly, my outrage and disgust are becoming such that I need to take a break and walk around outside.  We all know who is to blame here.  Let's not lose sight of that as the Reich Wing furiously tries to push back by mis-characterizing the victims, the perpetrators, the House members who covered it up, and those of us who are writing about it.

Never defend.

Never explain.


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