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Grim Numbers

Some grim numbers are about to come due for The Decider. Judge for yourself the wisdom of his decisions:

2,752: Number of people killed in the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks.
2,729: US soldiers killed in combat in Iraq.
2.1: Rate of US Soldiers deaths per day since the Iraqi General Election (a.k.a. “Revenge of the Purple Fingers”)
10/14/2006: The day by which, at this rate, more US soldiers will have died in Iraq than US citizens died in the Towers.

2,973: Number of people killed on 9/11 at WTC, Pentagon, & Shanksville, PA.
3,070: US soldiers killed in combat in Iraq & Afghanistan
9/22/2006: The day on which more US soldiers have died in Bush’s wars than died on 9/11

$500,000,000,000: Total spent on the Iraq war, to date.
$2,000,000,000: Weekly spending on the Iraq war.
15 minutes: The average time between attacks on our US forces in Iraq.
60%: The percentage of Iraqi citizens who feel insurgent attacks to kill US forces are justified.
0: Osama bin Ladens captured or killed.

We report. You decide.

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