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Another gay panic defense fails

Off to the clink for this bastard. He faces 26-life.

A jury reached a verdict today, in the case of a Fresno man charged with first-degree murder. 24 year old Jesse Gonzalez used what some called a “gay-panic defense”.

Gonzalez admits he stabbed 37 year old Larry Trevino to death in 2003. But, did so only because he was trying to resist Trevino’s sexual advances. The jury rejected that defense, finding Gonzales guilty of murder with premeditation.

In an earlier story, this was the lame defense position.

Gonzalez says back in 2003, he met Trevino on the street and went to his Central Fresno apartment to drink beer. But, he says he was shocked when Trevino made a pass at him and reacted by stabbing Trevino to death.

Michael Idiart, Defense Attorney, said “If you believe that pass, that sexual advance was made then I believe it’s going to come down to two choices– murder-two or voluntary manslaughter.” Idiart says both men were drunk and his client killed Trevino in the heat of the moment.

The defense had asked for a verdict of manslaughter instead of first degree murder.

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Pam Spaulding