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When asked today where the stunt kids in the background for his press conference came from (you know, the one where he discusses his role in the online sex solicitation of a minor scandal), NRCC head Tom Reynolds said :

Reporter:  Who are the children, Congressman?  Who are these children?

Reynolds:  Pardon me?

Reporter:  Who are these children? 

Reynolds:   Well, a number of them are from the community.  There are several of the "thirtysomething" set that are here and uh I've known them and I've known their children as they were born.

Don't recall any mention of the word "props" :

Republican Tom Reynolds rented out a daycare facility today as he surrounded himself with kids and families, using them as protection from tough questions about specifics into the Foley messages.

Tom may have just won the highly coveted GOP "how low can they go" gold medal of the day, but I hate to award it so soon because the day is still young and there are so many vying for it. 

Update:  BuffaloBlogger now says "It was a turn of phrase.  The press conference was held in the student center of Daemen College in Amherst, NY."  We apologize for any confusion.

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