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In the wake of Foleygate, the Republicans have chosen their new man:

Disgraced former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley was receiving treatment Monday for “alcoholism and related behavioral problems” after resigning over lurid online communications with teenage boys. Meanwhile, Republicans picked a new candidate to salvage the race for the key House seat.

State party leaders chose state Rep. Joe Negron, who will receive the votes that Foley gets in the

Nov. 7 general election. Foley’s name will remain on the ballot for the 16th Congressional District.

“My job beginning immediately is to get word out to all these absentee voters and to everyone else in this race that you are not voting for Mark Foley, you are voting for the Republican nominee and I’m not Mark Foley,” Negron said. “I think it’s something that can be done.”


Negron became choked up when talking about what Foley did.

“I’ve had pages work in my office for years, I’ve seen pages go to Washington, I’ve seen the incredible opportunity that is” Negron said, his voice trailing off. He then put his hand over his face, sought help from his wife and struggled to continue talking. “It was very disturbing because I work with these young people.”

I think having his wife there to lend him moral support and a Kleenex&#153 was a lovely touch. Did I mention he has three kids; David, Jonathan, and Becca? All three conceived during rigorous, most-holes-barred, totally heterosexual man-on-woman sex because Florida-16 deserves a NotPerv.

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