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More info on Foley's well-known predator rep among pages

Mike Rogers has posted a first-hand account by one of the Congressional pages at Proud of Who We Are.

“Some of the things I saw were definitely of a sexual nature,” the source told Proud of Who We Are. “There were references to physical characteristics of the young man in question and whether he was in an aroused state.” The former page also said that they had seen the instant message chats following their time in the Congressional Page program.

“I noticed that Foley paid more attention to the young men among the pages than to any of the girls. He would always initiate conversations with them first, talked with them, joke with them, generally paying a lot of attention.”


Drudge: Foley plays the rehab card

[UPDATE: The AP confirms that Foley has entered an unidentified dry-out tank.]
There’s no independent confirmation on this, but Queen Drudge has a letter allegedly sent to West Palm Beach TV station WPBF from Foley, saying he’s entering rehab. A snippet:

Painfully, the events that led to my resignation have crystalized recognition of my longstanding significant alcohol and emotional difficulties.

I strongly believe that I am an alcoholic and have accepted the need for immediate treatment for alcoholism and related behavioral problems.

From the AP article:

Former Rep. Mark Foley, under FBI investigation for e-mail exchanges with teenage congressional pages, has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism treatment and accepts responsibility for his actions, his attorney acknowledged Monday.

The attorney, David Roth, would not identify the facility, but told an Associated Press reporter in Florida that Foley had checked into a facility over the weekend.

“I strongly believe that I am an alcoholic and have accepted the need for immediate treatment for alcoholism and other behavioral problems,” Foley said in a statement, Roth confirmed to the AP.

Yeah, I’m sure that the drink made you to do it.


One more Foley item, from Sully, and it hits the nail on the head about what I have been saying — this is about a sick man, and in this case it can be argued, the pathology of the closet, not homosexuality, contributed to this meltdown. Look at how the House leadership and the Catholic church are handling the predators among them in the exact same pathetic way — the cover up.

The closet is so psychologically destructive it often produces pathological behavior. When you compartmentalize your life, you sometimes act out in one compartment in ways that you would never condone in another one. Think Clinton-Lewinsky, in a heterosexual context. But closeted gay men are particularly vulnerable to this kind of thing. Your psyche is so split by decades of lies and deceptions and euphemisms that integrity and mental health suffer. No one should excuse Foley’s creepy interactions; they are inexcusable, as is the alleged cover-up (although we shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet about who knew what when). But there’s a reason gay men in homophobic institutions behave in self-destructive ways.

Or think of it another way: what do the Vatican and the RNC have in common? Here’s one potential list: entrenched homophobia, psychologically damaged closet cases, inappropriate behavior toward teens and minors … and cover-ups designed entirely to retain power. The parallels are looking a little creepy. And the source is the same.

It also makes it inexcusable that gay advocacy organizations like HRC remain silent on this matter.

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