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Late Nite FDL: “When I am King/You Will Be First Against the Wall…”

your problem is obvious

(Alternate title: Uncle Tom's Closet, Pt. III) 

You know, of all the pathetic examples of Reich Wing queers who carry water for the Republican party, I think Matt Drudge may well be the lowest of the low.  Worse than man-whore Jimmy/Jeff Gannon/Guckert.  Worse than Ken "Girlfriend in a Coma" Mehlman.  And yes, worse even than Mark "Chicken Hawk" Foley.  Because Drudge, for whatever reasons, is so deeply buried in the Wingnut Wurlitzer's inner workings that he can float their talking points far, far ahead of everyone else.  He is an essential greasy little cog in their propaganda machine, the one that enables them to pervert the national dialogue before it even begins.  Drudge toes the GOP party line before most of them have even read their morning faxes from Karl Rove's office.

And Matt, honey, I have to say, "Drudge" really is the perfect name for you.  Because if anyone more consistently gets down on his elbows and knees to slavishly gather the crumbs from beneath his Masters' table and then wipe the floor clean with his tongue, I don't know who it is.   

My Future Husband Howie Klein completely nails it in an update to this post:


I keep forgetting that Matt Drudge is "officially in the closet." He's so well known in the gay community for being just another garden variety self-loathing gay Republican– didn't he try to "date" (or something) David Brock when Brock was still a right winger? Today Drudge tried to help Bush shill Tony Snow and ex-high school wrestling coach Denny Hastert to circle the wagons by making the outrageous and preposterous claims that the whole Predatorgate scandal and Republican cover-up is a Democratic election stunt and that the boys were the ones seducing poor Foley, not the other way around. He calls them "17-year old beasts." How about this son of a rich Republican contributor who says Foley grabbed his dick in a public restroom? It's probably standard procedure for a monster like Drudge, but that crap doesn't wash for gays or straights, just for sickos like Foley and Drudge. (And, of course, he's demanding that whoever leaked the IMs should be investigated.) What a complete turd this is. No shame whatsoever!

John Amato has the audios of Drudge's disgusting rant over at Crooks and Liars.

Right, Matt Drudge.  Let me get this straight.  Those 16 year old boys were just asking for it.  They made themselves intentionally underage and lined up to be molested so that the Democrats could take Congress this fall?  Those dirty, dirty tricksters!!  So, is that why these boys from Republican families signed up to be Republican pages?  Because they wanted to help the Democrats?  How's that, again?

Excuse me while my head explodes.

Matt seems to think that those boys were just begging to be violated, just like the fifth of Bombay Sapphire he put away by himself last night was just begging to be drunk, sitting there on the shelf all cool and blue and delicious-looking, daring him, taunting him, talking to him like a bar of chocolate in an Edward Monkton cartoon:

Bombay Sapphire: You want me, Matt Drudge, don't you?  You want me.  YOU WANT ME!

Matt Drudge: No, Bombay Sapphire, I do not want you.  For after the initial pleasure, there will be sickness, depravity, and guilt.

BS: That, Matt Drudge, is the REASON for my EXISTENCE!  Are you to deny me THE REASON FOR MY EXISTENCE?

MD: No, Bombay Sapphire, I would not do that.

BS: Thank you.

(A sound of gulping is heard, followed by retching, and then a cell phone auto-dialing the number of a male escort service…)

If there's one thing I simply can't fathom, it is the Right Wing Queer.  Okay, actually, I can fathom it, yes, that some men and women could be so full of self-loathing and yet so desperate for attention that they will sell out everyone of their own kind in order to claw their way to the low middle of the Reich Wing power structure.  They get patted on the head and told that they're the Good Kind of Queer, the kind that licks the boots of the authoritarian elite.  I can understand it, but I don't actually want to believe that they exist.

Nonetheless, they're out there, grand avatars of the two-tiered Republican philosophy of life: One set of rules for "Us" (i.e., the elite rulers of the GOP and their families) and another set of rules entirely for "The Rest of Them".  Also, as I have explored in other posts, these people are willing to sell their souls to the Republicans because the Repugnican view of homosexuals so closely matches their own pathology; that their orientation is somehow wrong and should be pursued only in secrecy and shame. 

They want to party like it's 1959.

There's a reason why Foleygate is unfolding on the Right side of the aisle.  Because Republicans live for denial.  It's that whole rightard "LA LA LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" approach to the world.  In a culture where secrecy, lies, and repression are the coin of the realm, predators can operate unchecked, because NOBODY WANTS TO ADMIT WHAT'S HAPPENING.  You can see this same mindset in the pathetic scramblings of the House leadership as they furiously compete to be the first to throw the others under the bus.  "Problem?  What problem?  LA LA LA LA…NOT MY FAAAAULT!!" 

These are the spoils of cowardice and lies.  When you deny reality, you blind yourself to everything that is truly dangerous about your situation.  As long as people are afraid to talk about the fact that Republican Congressmen can in fact be dangerous sexual predators of young boys, no one will be vigilant enough to stop these monsters before they strike.  If Foley had been a Democrat, this would never have happened.  Chances are that as a Democrat, he would have a healthier attitude toward his sexuality, and people in the Reality-Based community are attuned to the perils of denial and ignorance.  We do send people to counseling when they need it.  Because denying a problem never made it go away.  It only makes it bigger.  (See "Iraq, War In-" for more information.)

In the words of my father, "Son, nothing makes your ass into a target quite like burying your head in the sand."

Or, as in the case of Mr. Drudge, burying it up your ass.

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