Blame it on the Thetans

The reluctant beard

I know that everyone is already getting tired of all-Foley, all-the-time, but Wonkette is reporting that it’s possible that La Foley is rehabbing with the Scientologists:

Foley sent his “Gone to Detox Mansion” fax from Clearwater, Florida. Are there any rehab joints there that aren’t run by Scientology? Remember, that’s the same cult that says they can ‘cure’ homosexuality ….

Clearwater is known as the town Scientology built … or at least the town Scientology almost completely redeveloped. Clearwater is also home to Narconon, L. Ron Hubbard’s homemade rehab program.

I don’t know about you, but I think that Penelope Cruz would be totally wasted on Mark Foley…

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